Onyuva Clinic finally opens after 5 years standing unused

Well done Ministry of Health as well as Orupembe and Marienfluss Conservancies - The Onyuva Clinic, near IRDNC's small Onyuva base in the north-west of Kunene region, has finally opened - after standing empty and unused for more than five years. This was the result of a dispute between the US donors of the clinic and the builder. Senior IRDNC staff and board trustees including Dr Margie Jacobsohn and Len Le Roux, pushed hard for this clinic to open, knowing how much value it could add to the lives of the communities who live in this remote area in the far north-west of Kunene Region.

More than 200 people attended the clinic opening on June 13 and a lunch was held at Etaambura Camp which included the Minister of Health, the US Ambassador, Kunene's Governor and four regional councillors, traditional authorities, Mr John Kasaona - Executive Director of IRDNC, and leaders of Orupembe and Marienfluss conservancies. The two conservancies donated a goat and springbok to the large lunch and to a community meal. It is notable that the two conservancies collected more than N$ 5 000 from their members to help host the clinic's opening. This is a fantastic effort by ordinary Himba people, specially after the drought killed so many cattle in this area.

IRDNC, Conservancy Safaris Namibia (the Himba owned safari company), Etaambura Camp and Wilderness Safaris were among those who also contributed to the opening events of the clinic.
Onyuva Clinic finally opens after 5 years standing unused
  • U.S. Ambassador Thomas F. Daughton remarks at the Onjuva Clinic Opening, June 13, 2017
Photo source and more at: na.usembassy.gov