IRDNC works in Namibia and has pioneered one of
Africa’s leading models of community-based natural resource management.
Since our earliest days, IRDNC’s purpose has been to link conservation to the social and economic development of the people who live with wildlife and other valuable natural resources. Over time, we also realized that building the capacity and growing a strong civil society would also advance conservation outcomes.

Our Mission

IRDNC strives to improve the lives of rural people by diversifying the socio-economy in Namibia’s communal areas to include wildlife and other valuable natural resources.

We believe this will secure a long-term place for wild animals outside of national parks, and significantly reduce future pressure on these areas.

We also aim to build up the capacity of rural Namibians, and to assist them to develop a civil society whose members can sustainably manage and benefit from their local natural resources.
IRDNC Mission
Our Philosophy
All of our work with communities is based on mutual trust and respect, is responsive to community needs, driven by their interests, and supports their rights, responsibilities, and ownerships.
We are accountable to the communities we serve, as well as to our partners and collaborators in government, other organizations, our funders, and supporters.
We carry out all of our work with the highest level of personal and professional integrity, dedication, and perseverance in the face of obstacles.
IRDNC’s work is based on a long-term commitment and vision of change.
Our work depends on strong collaborations with a diverse suite of other actors, and we are committed to transparent and durable partnerships, being team players, and supporting collective action that delivers change.
Our roots, our experiences,
and what we’ve learned
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