Governance Training offered to our counterparts in Botswana

IRDNC offered a two-day training in Governance to the Board Members of the Tcheku Trust in Botswana, on 27 and 28 July. The training was rendered by Mr Justice Muhinda, our Institutional Support Coordinator in Zambezi. It was held in Kachirachina Village (31 km from Seronga Village) in Botswana. In attendance was eight (8) Board Members and two (2) members from the Eco-Exist Project (current supporters of Tcheku Trust). The Tcheku Board members were thankful for the training offered and requested that IRDNC further supports them in establishing the Tourism Based Natural Resources Management (TBNRM) Forum with the neighboring Kyaramacan Association.

Governance training session in Botswana
  • Governance training session in Botswana